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Can sexual orientation change yahoo homepage


As a kid, Julie Sondra Decker filled her days with reading, writing, singing and drawing — usually opting for creative pursuits over social ones. Today, Decker has a name for it: Sexual orientation is different from gender identity, or the gender a person feels he or she is.

Sexuality and gender identity are...

In other words, you can be an asexual man, an asexual woman or an asexual transgender person. Sexual orientation is also different from sexual behavior. So, just as a straight woman can kiss or even have sex with another woman without being a lesbian, a person can abstain from sex temporarily or permanently without being asexual.


Like all sexual orientations, asexuality is a spectrum: Some asexuals see their sexuality as a lifelong characteristic, while others view it more fluidly. Low Desire or Asexuality? Now Brotto is one of the most prolific researchers on the topic. One of her studies published last year in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found links between asexuality and certain biological characteristics.

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For example, asexuals were about 2. The team also found that, when compared to heterosexuals, asexual men were more likely to have older siblings and asexual women were more likely to have younger siblings.

In another study out this year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Brotto and a team of colleagues "Can sexual orientation change yahoo homepage" asexual people to sexual people with varying levels of desire. Among the differences, they found that asexuals were less likely to experience sex-related distress than people who met criteria for psychiatric diagnoses for arousal or desire dysfunctions.

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Asexual in a Sexual World. Such reactions can have mental health implications: In those cases, people who are asexual can benefit from therapy that helps them be more comfortable with who they are, Rosenberg says. No, they should embrace their uniqueness. Have a personal health story to share?

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