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Dating 2 thessalonians thomas lea

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When my wife and I visited Kiev shortly after the breakup of the Soviet Union, we heard a standing joke bandied about concerning two of Russia's most prominent newspapers, Pravda and Izvestia. Pravda means "truth" and Izvestia means "news. Some critics allege the same can be said about accurately recounting history: If an author has certain convictions or presuppositions, he can't accurately recount history.

He is merely spewing propaganda. How the Kingdom of God Became Christianitymaintains that "Jesus did not think he was divine," nor Dating 2 thessalonians thomas lea he "assert any of the messianic claims that the New Testament attributes to him.

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Sheehan argues for these claims in part by saying that because the Gospels are "religious testimonies," they cannot be trusted. On the contrary, holding this view ultimately leads to historical skepticism--because all historians write with a purpose, and Sheehan, though not a historian, is no exception. Purposes extend even to the point of including certain materials and omitting others.

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If writing with a goal--whether it be evangelistic, apologetic, or didactic--implies propaganda, then all recorded history is propaganda. But most of us recognize that belief shouldn't be confused with reason for belief. In other words, to hold a belief strongly doesn't necessarily imply that the belief is wrong. Instead, the basis for that Dating 2 thessalonians thomas lea should first be explored; a work shouldn't be dismissed simply because of the strong convictions of the writer.

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