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Dating sim games for guys dse


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I'm working on my first game right now, and I originally intended to make it an actual sim-game, with stat raising and all that. But it has recently come to my attention that a lot of the really good games out there are good without that aspect to them. I also have realized that it is much more difficult to make a game with simulation aspects to it So, my question is.

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Do you think it's worth all the extra effort to make my first game a sim game? Or is a game with choices just as good to play? I only ask because I've been trying to figure it out for myself and I'm having a hard time coming to a decision about it. Any advice and opinions would be very helpful.

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If this isn't the right category, I apologize. I wasn't entirely sure if it should be here or in general info. Come visit me, if you like, at: I think that games like frozen essence were made with it, where you just have to have chosen most of the right options for one character.

I think that you will either have lots and lots of unique endings depending on each choice, since it's harder to go back or just recopy many of the same text from the main storyline.

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I don't know, but it just seems a bit complicated for me, more than a simple stats-building game. Working on a visual novel: Follow me on Twitter or visit my Website for updates!

I find they're often tedious and shallow. So if it's a lot more work on top of that; I'd say pass. It's better to start small. There are people who like one genre and hate the other, and vice-versa. Dating sims, however, are not stat-raising games necessarily. People will mix stat-building with a dating aspect, but most dating games I've played are choices and then based on those choices, a guy may or may not like you.

As already stated, the problem with stat building games is that while they're lower on art, they're much higher on programming and being able to think like a game designer.

Because they're high on sheer Dating sim games for guys dse in designing them, they're really easy to make really badly and require someone to either know their checks and balances, or for someone to literally sit around testing it and fixing the math.

Do it wrong, you have a super easy game with low replay value, or a super hard game that leaves everyone with a funky taste. Do it well and you could have a low-asset game that people will love and can't get enough of.

If you're willing to take the time on it to learn I honestly think that you should go ahead and try it. Even if you don't complete it, you might learn something valuable. Check out the new interactive media project, Mitsumata c. This is exactly what I was needing to hear and I think I know what I am going to do now. I am thinking I'll save the stats for after I've Dating sim games for guys dse a chance to do a normal game.

Seeing as how I'm a newbie to programming as it is, it might be best to save the stat raising for after I have a little more experience. I won't give up on making a stat game, but for now, I'll leave it until I at least know the basics of programming. One step at a time. Thank you all again, I really appreciate it. I think the question of choosing to create a dating sim versus a VN really depends on your skills.

Dating sims are harder to program, but the storytelling and characterization tend to be simpler and less involved.

A skilled programmer might find it easier to create a semi-decent dating sim. A VN, on the other hand, is much easier to program. Seriously, my mom could make a very simple VN if she wanted to.


But the plot and characters tend to be more complex and developed. So someone that is more skilled at writing than programming might find it easier to create a VN. Again these are just tendencies I've noticed, not absolutes. Gliese Productions Facebook Twitter.

VN's should have the same standards for gameplay.

Customizable datesim in beta! Idolcraft - RPG-style bishoujo simulation. A straight VN is similar to a choose your own adventure book, which pretty much has negligible if any gameplay components.

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