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No suspects were in custody by late afternoon in the shooting at the Cameo club, which has a history of gun violence, and police said there was no indication of any terrorism link. Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said one of the wounded was in "extremely critical condition," while a hospital spokeswoman said two victims were listed in critical condition.

Police began receiving calls at 1: Isaac said some people were inside the club, one of the few hip-hop venues in the city, for music and dancing. Isaac identified the dead man as year-old O'Bryan Spikes, but provided no other details.

He said 15 others were injured, with some already treated and released from hospitals. It wasn't clear how many people fired shots.

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Club patron Mauricio Thompson described a Error validating nbdb backup staging lung scene in which as many as 20 shots were fired as people scrambled to get away. He said there was a fight and people were yelling for security to intervene before the gunfire began. Four officers were working security in the club's parking lot and some tried unsuccessfully to revive the man who died.

Cameo's Facebook profile says it caters to college students on Friday nights, when anyone over 18 is allowed in, while Saturdays are "grown and sexy night" for ages 21 and older.

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The club Error validating nbdb backup staging lung a history of gun violence, including a shooting inside the club on New Year's Day in and one in the parking lot in September of that year, City Manager Harry Black said. Kim Williams said there was "just a lot of chaos, obviously, when shots were fired.

We have had incidents here in the past, but this is by far the worst," she said. Referring to initial speculation about possible terrorism, Mayor John Cranley said: Innocent people were shot. A single body was removed by the coroner shortly after 6 a. Among the injured, five were treated at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and released, hospital spokeswoman Kelly Martin said. She said two people were in critical condition and another two were listed in stable condition.

She had no details on the types of injuries or the ages of the victims. Other injured people were taken to or drove themselves to other hospitals.

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Authorities asked anyone with information to come forward. Investigators were checking to see if surveillance cameras were working, Williams said. An Associated Press phone call to the club Sunday morning went unanswered. The area is mostly industrial but also home to several nightclubs with a smattering of homes. A regional airport is nearby. The neighborhood is fairly desolate at night, with the exception of the nightlife scene and hour gas stations. The road where the club is located was easily cordoned off by a single police cruiser and officer at either end.

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First responders had problems reaching the shooting victims because the parking lots were full, Sgt. Eric Franz told the Cincinnati Enquirer. John Kasich said on Twitter that he was "saddened to learn about last night's shooting" and that he was offering the state's assistance.

Copyright The Associated Press. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Gunfire erupts after dispute at Cincinnati nightclub, killing one and injuring President Donald Trump was not very happy with the new GOP healthcare bill failing, but now he seems to be on a rampage attacking just about anyone connected to the failure of the bill.

The vote was set to go underway on Thursday but ended up being delayed with the House Freedom Caucus continued to side "Error validating nbdb backup staging lung" the bill. With more votes needed, the GOP did what they could to insure that the Freedom Caucus would end up siding with them enough to get the bill through to the Senate. That meant on Friday they could try to do something yet again, with President Trump and even Steve Bannon meeting with the Freedom Caucus to help insure their cooperation.

Bannon and Trump even tried to strong-arm the bill, with Bannon telling the Republicans they had no choice but to vote for it and Trump claiming he was going to remember those against the bill when their seats in Congress came up for re-election.

He also pushed the fact that Obamacare staying in place and the failure of it, as well as the American people being hurt by it was all their fault. Trump would end up pushing this to the American people too.

This is a pretty big situation, as conservative leaning Americans have wanted something to replace Obamacare for years now. Error validating nbdb backup staging lung is why on Sunday morning President Trump went to Twitter yet again, this Error validating nbdb backup staging lung to target the Democrats as well.

The House of Representatives knew this, which is why they had to unite in order for it to go through. The Republicans have all the cards, but they were not able to seemingly get it done due to not agreeing among the various factions of the party. The House Freedom Caucus is known for things like this, and threats as well as trying to force them to do something will not get them on your side at all. If President Trump was not aware of their resolve before, he is now. The House Freedom Caucus is known for their resolve and values being held to in a big way.

They were against the bill from the beginning as they claimed it seemed to not drift away enough from Obamacare. However, the major issues in getting in a new GOP bill passed with them in favor of it may be difficult.

They want to take away a lot of key things that make healthcare worth getting. The ten essential healthcare programs added to the Obamacare bill was considered to be the best part of the entire bill, as it forced insurance companies to cover everything one might need for healthcare such as emergency room care and prescription drugs to maternal and mental care.

They wanted to wipe this out and allow insurance companies to lower healthcare premiums. However, most analysts feel if they remove this then insurance companies will simply end up not covering these things or have high plans to cover them. On top of all of this, they wanted to also remove the Obamacare mandate that did not allow Error validating nbdb backup staging lung companies to turn down a person due to a preexisting condition.

Moderate Republicans felt both of these needed to stay, so the GOP healthcare bill lost their vote whenever Trump and Paul Ryan were willing to bend and add some of it in. President Trump was asked during a press briefing recently if he felt betrayed at all after the House Freedom Caucus did not wish to vote for the new GOP healthcare bill.

However, Trump saying that they are friends seems to be ironic. He has Error validating nbdb backup staging lung after them publicly numerous times over the past few days.

If he was actually good with them, he would most likely be talking with them on how to get something new put together on healthcare rather than going after them on Twitter. Navalny downplayed his detention in a series of tweets and encouraged protesters to keep marching. Well, I was detained. There are things in life that are worth being detained for," Navalny tweeted. Similar demonstrations were planned in cities across Russia on Sunday, according to organizers.

Hundreds of arrests were reported at the Moscow protest. Russian human rights group OVD-Info tweeted that more than had been detained -- while state-run news agency Ria Novosti said had been held. The protest drew a heavy police presence but remained largely peaceful.

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Riot officers flanked crowds while plainclothes officers moved among the demonstrators. Police told those on the street that the protest is unsanctioned and asked them to move on.

Navalny praised turnouts for the protests in early-morning tweets. Navalny also shared photos and tweets from various parts of the country. Navalny has accused Medvedev of amassing a global property empire through various forms of corruption. In a report published on March 2, Navalny said Medvedev has a portfolio of assets including "huge pieces of land in the most sought-after regions, yachts, apartments in old mansions, agricultural complexes and wineries in Russia and abroad.

Moscow protest in sight of Kremlin Protesters in Moscow walked along Tverskaya Street, one of the city's main arteries that starts at the Kremlin walls.

The Moscow police department put out a statement Thursday urging people not to attend, calling it illegal and warning of a high risk of "provocative acts, designed to violate public order.

The Kremlin said Friday the event was "illegal" and a "provocation. In February, he was found guilty of embezzlement in a retrial of a case that dates back to Russian law prevents convicted criminals running for public office, but Navalny has appealed the verdict. Sunday's demonstrations come at a time when the safety of critics of Vladimir Putin is under scrutiny. On Thursday, former Russian lawmaker and vocal critic of the Russian government Denis Voronenkov was shot dead outside a luxury hotel in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Navalny has not commented on the killing. CNN has contacted him for comment. Hundreds arrested as corruption protests sweep Russia nola. United Airlines has exploded on Error validating nbdb backup staging lung media, all because of leggings.

The United Airlines controversy began due to girls being banned from a flight because they were wearing leggings. Shannon Watts tweeted the following Error validating nbdb backup staging lung, wherein Watts reported that a gate agent at United Airlines would not allow girls wearing leggings to board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis until they covered their leggings with dresses.

A photo of the girls in leggings was not included with the Twitter post, which has since gone completely viral. I guess united not letting women wear athletic wear? As a reply, the verified United Twitter account asked if Shannon was speaking with the passenger that she tweeted about. Shannon replied to United Airlines on Twitter that the passengers had indeed boarded the United Airlines flight after being forced to put on different clothing.

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Shannon asked United Airlines if leggings fell under their definition of improper. Asking for a friend pic.

Shannon noted that the dad of the girls who wore the leggings was wearing shorts. The incident has caused an uproar regarding United Airlines and the leggings situation, with Watts telling Jason Silverstein, as seen in the following tweet, that the United Airlines leggings incident sent United Airlines passengers into a panic, and it was an incident that delayed boarding Error validating nbdb backup staging lung the United Airlines flight.

She said it sent passengers into "panic," held up boarding https: I have flown united before with literally no pants on. Just a top as a dress. Next time I will wear only jeans and a scarf.

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