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Don't let the ornate costumes and beautiful choreography fool you, figure skaters are no strangers to scandal. Here are nine notable ones. Ina little club-and-run thrust the sport of figure skating into the spotlight.

The assault on reigning national champion Nancy Kerrigan and her subsequent anguished cries at the U. National Figure Skating Championships in Detroit was heard round the world, as were the allegations "Gracie gold sexy" her main rival, Tonya Hardingmay have been behind it all. The story goes a little something like this: As America's sweetheart Kerrigan Gracie gold sexy preparing to compete for a spot on the U. Olympic team bound for Lillehammer, Norway, she gets clubbed in the knee outside the locker room after practice.

Kerrigan is forced to withdraw from competition and Harding gets the gold.

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Details soon emerge that Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, was behind the attack he hired a hitman. Harding denies any knowledge or involvement, but tanks Gracie gold sexy the Olympics the following month. She then pleads guilty to hindering prosecution of Gillooly and his co-conspirators, bodyguard Shawn Eckhart and hitman Shane Stant.

And then she's banned from figure skating for life. Questions about Harding's guilt remain two decades later, and the event is still a topic of conversation today.

Recently, both an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary and Gracie gold sexy Oscar-nominated film I, Tonya revisited the saga, proving we can't get enough of a little figure skating scandal.

Usually it's the top three medalists at the U.

Nationals that compete for America at the Winter Olympics every four years. But ingold medalist Gracie Gold no pun intendedsilver medalist Polina Edmunds, and What about the bronze medalist, you ask? Mirai Nagasu, despite out-skating Wagner by a landslide in Boston and despite being the only skater with prior Olympic experience she placed fourth at Vancouver in had to watch it all on television. The decision by the country's governing body of figure skating United States Figure Skating Association, or USFS deeply divided the skating community as to whether it was the right choice to pass over Nagasu in favor of Wagner, who Gracie gold sexy skated so Gracie gold sexy, and it put a global spotlight on the selection process.

Gracie Gold

In reality, the athletes that we send to the Olympics are not chosen solely on their performance at Nationals—it's one of many criteria taken into consideration, including performance in international competition over the previous year, difficulty of each skater's technical elements, and, Gracie gold sexy some degree, their marketability to a world audience.

This has happened before to other skaters—most notably Michelle Kwan was relegated to being an alternate in after Nancy Kerrigan was granted a medical bye after the leg-clubbing heard round the world.

Nagasu had the right to appeal the decision, and was encouraged to do so by mobs of angry skating fans, but she elected not to. Objectively, this scandal rocked the skating world the hardest, because the end result was a shattering of the competitive sport's very structure. When Canadian pairs team Jamie Sale and David Pelletier found themselves in second "Gracie gold sexy" after a flawless freeskate at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake, something wasn't right.

U.S. skater Gracie Gold, citing...

The Russian team of Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze placed first, Gracie gold sexy a technically flawed performance. An investigation into the result revealed that judges had conspired to fix the results of the pairs and dance events—a French judge admitted to being pressured to vote for the Russian pair in exchange for a boost for the French dance team who won that event. In the end, both pairs teams were awarded a gold medal, and the entire system of judging figure skating competition was thrown out and rebuilt.

Jackson Haines was an American figure skater in the mids who had some crazy ideas about the sport. He had this absolutely ludicrous notion of skating to music music! His brand new style of skating was in complete contrast to the rigid, traditional, and formal read: Needless to say, it was not well received by the skating world in America, so he was forced to take "Gracie gold sexy" talents to the Old World.

He also invented the sit spin, a technical element now required in almost every level and discipline of the sport. Incompetitive figure skating was a gentlemen's pursuit.

Ladies simply didn't compete by themselves on the world stage though they did compete in pairs events. She ruffled a lot of feathers, but was ultimately allowed to compete and beat the pants off every man save one, earning the silver medal. Her actions sparked a controversy that spurred the International Skating Union to create a separate competitive world event for Gracie gold sexy in Norwegian skater Sonja Henie was the darling of the figure skating world in the first half of the 20th century.

The flirtatious blonde was a three-time Olympic championGracie gold sexy movie star, and the role model of countless aspiring skaters. She brought sexy back to skating—or rather, introduced it.

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