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Mens silver hair dye


In an age of Brotox and brow sculptors for guys, the vanity of man dyeing his hair is old news. So why then, if we love doing it so much, are we still getting it wrong? To help you get the best dye job possible, we consulted the colouring cognoscenti to get their advice on everything from hiding greys to a complete overhaul.

Using dye to conceal greys is a pretty straightforward process so, while a salon treatment is a safe bet, this one can be done easily at home by following a few simple steps. First Mens silver hair dye, decide on the dye. Tempting as it is to get this over and done with ASAP, refrain from tipping the entire contents of the bottle onto your head in one go.

Instead, he advises squeezing small amounts of the colourant onto the teeth of a small Denman brush and applying to any grey areas using gentle, circular motions. This method not only blends out grey hair, it also keeps the overall cool tone and natural variance of shades.

Above all, though, follow the instructions on the package. If that fails, concede a hit to your wallet and let a trained professional tackle your tresses.

Silver dyeing for men: Styling...

Expert tips for great grey hair. For best results — and to avoid looking like a canary just died on your head — enlist the experts.