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Waiting on the lord for a mate


Most Christian singles talk about how they are waiting on God to give them their future spouse pretty often. We all want love and we want God to give us the right person to marry.

I have been mad at God before because I felt He was taking too long to give me my spouse. Read on to find out 8 things you can do while waiting on your God given spouse. I want to ask you two big questions and take a second to think about them. What if God never gives you a spouse? Would you still love him anyways?

Hopefully, your answer is yes. God wants us to put Him first, not a spouse. I prayed to God many times after my last relationship a couple of years ago to help me to put Him first because I knew a spouse would never make me happy without Him being the center of my life.

After many failed relationships, I finally figured it out. He has big plans for me that I am focused on right now. Being single is actually a good thing. That and to help others get to know Him as well. Only God can truly make us happy. Ever seen a miserable married couple? Yea, they are everywhere. Having a spouse is not the solution to your problems. Even married Christians struggle. We will struggle our entire lives no matter what our relationship status is. It is better to embrace it than try to fight it and be angry about it because once we do, our perspective changes.

How many times have you fallen already? God also wants you to work on yourself. Am I really ready for a spouse? And be Waiting on the lord for a mate because if you are single, that means you really are not ready. Not to mean that there is anything wrong with us, but that we have Waiting on the lord for a mate things we need to focus on first.

We have to do what God asks or we will keep waiting and waiting until we are old and gray. That is step one. Look at Acts 2: These reasons listed will also help you in your overall walk with God which should be our number one priority. God is very clear about us to putting Him first.

We need to work on doing that before we get into a relationship with someone. Your partner wants that from you too, you know?

No matter who you are, I promise your relationship with God could use some work. Everyone on this planet can improve their relationship with God. This life is a journey.