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Elections in Lithuania gives information on elections and election results in Lithuania.

Voters in Lithuania elect members of the parliamentthe presidentmembers of the municipal councils and mayors, as Lietuvos seimas online dating as delegates to the European Parliament.

Lithuanian citizens can also vote in mandatory or consultative referendums. The remaining 70 members are elected in a nationwide election based on proportional representation. The structure of the elections means that a large number of parties is represented in the parliament and coalition governments are common.

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Lietuvos seimas online dating The head of the state - the president - is elected to a five-year term in a majority vote, with the president eligible for up to two terms in office. More than municipal council members are elected in local elections to four-year terms, with the majority of the seats allocated using proportional representation and the mayors elected directly by residents in a majority vote.

The Lithuanian representatives in the European Parliament, currently numbering 11, are elected using proportional representation every five years. Of these, only four have seen the referendum question approved in a referendum deemed to have taken place. Voting in elections is generally open to all citizens of Lithuania who are at least 18 years of age. Citizens of other European Union countries that permanently reside in Lithuania can vote in the Lithuanian elections to the European Parliament.

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