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Juegos de mineros online dating


Make smart investments to upgrade your empire and boost your economy. This game will have you hooked with its cutting-edge game design and visually stunning graphics — long lasting entertainment and continued satisfaction guaranteed.

Join the ultimate online Golf...

So get ready to conquer the world of Idle Miner Tycoon! Who can help me? E-mail us at community idleminertycoon. Please just send them directly to community idleminertycoon.

We would love to hear them! Idle Miner Tycoon is available for devices with Android version 4. You can also easily transfer your game progress to another device: You can decide which to keep.

Please bear in mind that "Juegos de mineros online dating" is not possible to transfer your game progress from Android to iOS or vice versa. It will be possible to restore your savegame, if: Simply open the game settings menu by pressing the gear icon on top right corner of the screen. This should recover your lost save, if the above requirements were met.

If this does not work and you need more help, please send us an e-mail so we can help you as soon as possible: You could try Prestige! This will reset your mine so you have to build everything again, but you keep your Cash, Super Cash and other mines. You then get to rebuild from the beginning, while earning more income than before. Otherwise, you could uninstall and reinstall the game and then choose not to load your cloudsave.

If you play on Android, you could also create a new Google Play account. To change your connected Facebook account, you will have to go to your Facebook Juegos de mineros online dating first: Afterwards, you can connect your game to a new Facebook account. However, you can spend money on extra items in the in-game shop if you want.

Join the ultimate online Golf...

If you have purchase problems, please contact us directly as soon as possible: If you require a refund, please do also send us a message in case there is a quicker and more appropriate way for us to address your concerns: When you buy a boost in the shop with Super Cash, or when you receive one from a shop package, it is stored in your inventory.

You can find your inventory next to the shop button, bottom left. It looks like a golden boost token.

You can then choose when you want to activate your boost — simply click on it and confirm that you want to use it. If you have any further concerns for a purchased boost, please send us Juegos de mineros online dating e-mail to community idleminertycoon. Please contact us directly as soon as possible: Idle Miner Tycoon coupon codes Super Cash coupon codes are given out through regular giveaways on our social media pages, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

To use your Idle Miner Tycoon coupon code, just go to the settings menu in your game top right.

For business-related inquiries, please contact: We will update the game every weeks. We try to implement features as fast as we can to give you a better gaming experience! Updates for Android are delivered with a staged rollout process. This means that some people will get them sooner than others.

Change your general app update settings so all your updates are completed automatically. Go to your Juegos de mineros online dating store and search for Idle Miner Tycoon. Press the update button and, if necessary, pull down the update screen to refresh it. Click on the gear icon top right to open the settings menu.

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