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Teorijski pristup revitalizaciji istorijskog objekta u okviru urbane celine Theoretical approach to the revitalization of the historical structure within the frame of urban sites.

At the same time, the meeting was dedicated to the 18th April — the International day of monuments and monument sites, in the year thematically dedicated to waters H2O.

By organizing this round table, we wanted to initiate cooperation of National Committees in the region. Unfortunately, representatives of some invited National Committees were not able to participate at this meeting because of their obligations.

Firuz-bey, Bosnian sandjak-bey established a hammam as a foundation serving the needs of his Bliski odnosi online dating school. The hammam was functional until the beginning of the 19th century. Bliski odnosi online datingit was closed due to damage and danger of collapsing. Just before WWI, the hammam was nearly pulled down.

The structure has not been in use since InThe Tobacco Factory in Sarajevo became the sole owner of the entire site with partially preserved monument, intending to give a new function to the site. Also, we have been witnessing for a quite a while, that despite generally-accepted restoration and revitalization principles of the cultural-historic heritage, there are interventions being performed in the protected area of Sarajevo, that "Bliski odnosi online dating" authentic values of the heritage.

We cannot intentionally influence on creativity and invention, which are important factors during performing a complex task of integrating old and new, not in any creator, but we can direct them and lead them to the path of well-estimated value. We can prevent heritage degradation and conflicts in the space by limitation measures. New architecture built in a certain period and Bliski odnosi online dating a certain ambience, defined by certain attributes, takes up a certain place in relation to the existing one.

It has certain value and transitoriness as a spatial, shaping and functional creation. To create the sublime having a correlation with the existing, this means to understand it as it appears in Bliski odnosi online dating of its meanings. Nivo supstrukcije - hipokaustni sustav The level of substruction - the hypocaust system A. Truhelke, arheologa koji se dotakao ove teme i dao svoj doprinos u rasvjetljavanju ove problematike.

Sukladno tome je i prostor Firuz-begovog hamama, koji je Radove na lokalitetu je izvela ekipa u sastavu: One of the obligatory and more recognizable forms of the Bliski odnosi online dating oriental architecture, both profane and public in character, are Turkish baths.

Although the oriental architecture is a dominant and above all recognizable visual and cultural expression of the Ottoman political-administrative and economical reign on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, comparatively little was written about Turkish baths in technical literature Grabrijan In order to consider a complete picture of the function and the cultural role of a Turkish bath in society, there is a justified problem which is represented on a regular basis, by scarce and insufficient historical and archive material which gives, in most cases, basic information on the time, place and the method of building, and sometimes, even precious data on endowments vakufendowers vakif and endowment charters vakufnama.

However, this by no means belittles its historical importance and meaning in architectural and social trends, both in the past and the present.