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Dating a marine stories of courage

Five stories that prove close-quarters...

It is an account of Campbell's time as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corpsfocusing primarily on his deployment in Ramadi during the Iraq War. Joker One arrived in Iraq in the early spring ofand "counted around 40 dudes: Some were college men with futures; some had pasts they preferred to forget.

Joker One fought from street to street, house to house and ambush to ambush for seven straight months. In his review for LeatherneckRobert B.

The Culture of the United...

The leathernecks aggressively patrolled the city streets and crowded alleyways. Campbell writes, 'My job description was twofold: His prose vividly highlights his thinking process and the actions of his Marines. The rigors of actively patrolling the city and the constant house-to-house fighting in the face of IEDsRPGs and AK fire as well as the threat of ambush presented endless challenges.

On a charcoal-black April night,...

Campbell speaks in detail of the daily tactics to overcome the threats and also the efforts to pacify the populace, gaining the support of the citizenry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.