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Secure property transactions, certainty of land titling and title transfer are an essential foundation for the economic growth of society. Implementing a system of property title certification is considered a key determinant of economic development.

Secure and efficient title transfer is not only an essential requirement for developing countries but also for Grundeigentum verlag online dating countries. The international real estate and financial market crisis showed that missing legal control in real estate and mortgage lending transactions and the deficits of land title registers could have serious economic consequences.

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This paper examines the transfer of property rights on land under private titling and the two existing public titling systems, recording and registration. It shows that the Registration system as part of the System of Preventive Justice is more efficient for the economy. In countries where a legal control in real estate transactions and where efficient public disclosure and registration systems Grundeigentum verlag online dating, it appears that fraudulent actions such as house-stealing or fake mortgages that have been experienced in ever-increasing numbers in the U.

Immobilientransaktion per Grundbucheintragung oder Transaktion ohne Eintragung durch einfaches Erfassen von Eigentumstiteln.

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Es zeigt sich, dass das Grundbucheintragungssystem als Teil der Freiwilligen Gerichtsbarkeit ein wirtschaftlich effizienteres System darstellt. User Account Log in Register Help. My Content 1 Recently viewed 1 Property Transactions European Property Law Journal.

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