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Nice ice breakers


We publish only the best icebreakers and group activities.

We publish only the best...

Icebreakers by group size and by category. Good Icebreakerssorted by name alphabetical order — Last updated: Click on a game title to read the detailed step-by-step instruction guide! Icebreakers by Nice ice breakers size and by category Good Icebreakerssorted by name alphabetical order — Last updated: January Click on a game title to read the detailed step-by-step instruction guide!

Air Balloons — Keep your balloon in the air for longer than the other teams! Animal Sounds — A simple game of making animal sounds and finding your pairs! Art Effects — A collaborative drawing activity.

Some of the best icebreaker...

Bang Name Game — To avoid getting shot, learn and remember names of the people in a group! Bango — A card game similar to Bingo.

The Bests — An icebreaker of silly competitions of who is the quickest, biggest, fastest! Best Skills Showdown — Compete in small groups in several mini-games! Beverage Beer Pong — A classic party game enjoyed by college students. Bigger and Better — The classic teambuilding game of trading and upgrading — try to get the biggest and best item to win!

Botticelli — A guessing game similar to 20 Questions. Blanket Game — A funny icebreaker that involves fast name recognition! Candy Introductions — A fun game that uses multicolored candy to help people get to know each other. Catch the "Nice ice breakers" — A simple game to get people to start talking and sharing. Categories or Similarities — Be the first group to find similarities! Chariot Race — An action packed chariot race!

Collaborative Drawing — Draw parts of a picture without knowing what the last person drew before you! Connecting Stories — Group members try to connect their individual stories, forming a long chain of stories! Crazy Job Interview — Players convince each other that they are the best for an imaginary job. Defend the Egg — A teambuilding activity that asks teams to protect a fragile egg by building a protective stucture out of simple supplies.

Bingo — An interactive game that helps people discover interesting facts about other people. Drink Can Games — Try these fun games that involve beverage cans. Electric Current Game — A game with two teams, holding hands: Energy Game — A drama class warm-up exercise that is great fun! Nice ice breakers Do You Stand?

Fabulous Flags — Represent yourself by designing Nice ice breakers own flag! Fake Artist — Everyone draws a single line in a shared drawing — but who is the secret spy? Fear in a Hat — A teambuilding activity that asks people to anonymously share their fears and to place them into a hat.

Four Corners — A get-to-know-you game involving the four corners of a room. Frozen Nice ice breakers Race — A hilarious contest of being the first to unfold and wear a frozen shirt. Ghost Game — A game that involves forming a word fragment without spelling a word! Giants, Wizards, Elves — A game similar to paper, rock, scissors, but more hilarious! Great Wind Blows — A game like musical chairs that lets people get to know each other better. Human Paper Rock Scissors — Like the classic game — except played in groups with your whole body!

Hot and Cold Game — A simple game of cheering or booing when a person gets closer or farther from a mystery action! Icebreaker Questions — A list of simple questions that are very useful for breaking the ice. Icebreaker Questions 2 — Even more icebreaker questions to help people get to know each other better.

Identity Circles — Share your most important values as you rotate around a circle. Interview Game — People interview each other and introduce them to the rest of the group.

Intimate Cooperation Games — Try these 3 games that involve intimate cooperation. ISpy Wedding Hunt — A photo scavenger hunt for wedding receptions. King Elephant — A silly action game that involves hand motions and acting as animals.

Korean Rhythm Game Assa — A game involving hand motions. Late Arrivals Game — A funny game that involves introducing fictitious people at a formal ball.

Line Up Game — Work together as a team Nice ice breakers quickly form a line based on a non-obvious quality. Lost on a Deserted Island — If you were stranded on a island, what items would you take with you? Magic Word "Nice ice breakers" A simple party game involving a magic word to earn party favors.

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