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Language translator device online dating


My husband and I are going to Japan in May.

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My husband wanted to try out his new ili translator he bought so we went to the Japan pavilion at Epcot and found this very sweet cast member to try it with. We are so excited to travel with ili! It was sooo useful!!

I was able to order my sushi without the Wasabi. I played it around to talk to Japanese people and they always had good reaction when I used ili.

I'm glad I was able to find and tell what I wanted or needed. Highly recommend to everyone who wanna travel to Japan!

Who's been talking about Travis?

I also think it's helpful having it one-way. It makes it easier for me.

I tested with my friend who speaks Japanese and Chinese, the accuracy is pretty good for the travel situations as they mentioned on the website. I love it, and can't wait to take ili with me for my next trip to Osaka in May!! I was able to get recommendations for restaurants, directions, and have a well spoken conversation with ease. The Language translator device online dating benefit this device has over any phone app is it does not need WiFi or cellular service in order to work.

Download the app from our website for free from herethen connect your ili to your computer. You will be able to update your ili when we release any updates by connecting to the app.

As of now, ili is best suited for travel phrases such as shopping, Language translator device online dating, making reservations, getting a haircut, and so on. It's not suited for business communication and negotiations. Please visit here for more details. If you speak long sentence, it does not work.

Please see the example below. You can use the voice recognition play back function button to check the input English phrase.

If the input English is correct, then the translation is also correct.

Get Skype Translator – a...

Since ili uses directional microphones, it only catches your voice. Most smartphones catch noise from other surroundings which may cause errors. For more details, please visit here.

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