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StarOfficeknown briefly as Oracle Open Office before being discontinued inwas a proprietary office suite. Sun Microsystems, in turn, was acquired by Oracle Corporation in StarOffice supported the OpenOffice.

It included templatesa macro recorder, and a software development kit SDK.

The source code of the suite was released in Julycreating a freeopen source office suite called OpenOffice. From this time onwards Star Division marketed its suite under the name "StarOffice.

In Star Division began offering StarOffice for free. StarSuite was the version of StarOffice with Asian language localization.

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It also included additional fonts for the East Starcalc online dating market, resulting Starcalc online dating slightly larger installation footprint.

Otherwise the features were identical to StarOffice. The two brands existed because a StarOffice brand was owned by another company in certain Asian countries. It was based on StarOffice components. There are also differences in the documentation, training and support options, and some minor differences in the look and icons between Oracle Open Office and OpenOffice. Other differences are that StarOffice only supports 12 languages, [16] compared to over for OpenOffice.

Supported platforms included DOS, Windows 3. Power Mac beta support was introduced in Supported platforms included Windows 3. Sun then took "snapshots" of the OpenOffice. Starcalc online dating was also the last version to support multiple virtual desktops, previously available from within the Suite.

A beta version of 6. Released 14 November Product Update 5 added Windows NT 4. Product Updates are based Starcalc online dating OpenOffice. Product Updates built on OpenOffice. Product Update 12 was based on OpenOffice.

Sun released StarOffice 8 based on the code of OpenOffice. Product Updates 6—7 are based on OpenOffice.

Product Updates 8—9 are based on OpenOffice. Product Updates 10—11 are based on OpenOffice. StarOffice 9, released 17 November[34] added support for version 1. Product Update 1 is based on OpenOffice. Ulander, a desktop products manager for Sun, acknowledged that Sun planned to expand subscription-based licenses to other countries as well. Sun used a per-person license for StarOffice, compared to the per-device licenses used for most other proprietary software.

An individual purchaser gains the right to install the software on up to five computers. For example, a small-business owner can have the software on laptop, office and home computers, or a user with a computer running Microsoft Windows, and another "Starcalc online dating" Linux, can install StarOffice on both computers. In StarOffice 9 Software was no longer offered free of charge to education customers, but StarOffice 8 could still be used without charge.

Sun also offered free web-based training and an online tutorial for students and teachers, free support services for teachers including educational Starcalc online dating for StarOffice and significantly discounted technical support for schools. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see starbase disambiguation. Oracle Open Office 3. Archived from the original on Every bug is a feature".

Archived from the original on 8 December Retrieved 20 June Simon Phipps, now an ex-Sun employee, later claimed that 'The number one reason why Sun bought Star Division in was because, at the time, Sun had something approaching forty-two thousand employees. Pretty much every one of them had to have both a Unix workstation and a Windows laptop.

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